Gastric Balloons in Dubai | (All Types) for Weight Loss


Gastric Balloon procedure is best nonsurgical procedure for weight loss which avoids side effects of medications & keeps you away from Surgery & associated anxiety.

The Intragastric Balloon is a nonsurgical procedure indicated for patients who are either overweight & has failed diet attempts or cannot do dieting due to their current lifestyle, Or they are morbidly obese & do not want surgery.

Intragastric Balloon under an expert supervised programme (by best bariatric surgeon – Dr Girish juneja & his team) helps to modify dietary behavior whilst under supervision by a professional team. The key to success in this case, is a follow-up programme the patient is willing to keep after the balloon placement. There are different kinds of gastric balloons for weight loss.

The Intragastric Balloon is a soft balloon that is inserted into the stomach (endoscopic balloon) or swallowed via mouth as a capsule (Elipse)and is filled up with a sterile solution. The balloon gives you a feeling of satiety and restrictions, so it should be easier to change eating habits and portion of food and as a consequence, you lose weight.


Balloons Inserted by an Endoscope

Procedure time – 10 to 15 minutes

Total Endoscopic suite stay time – about 2 hours

Endoscopic Intragastric Balloon is a silicone balloon that is endoscopically placed into the stomach through the mouth under sedation to minimize the patient’s discomfort. An initial endoscopy of the esophagus (food pipe), stomach, and first part of the duodenum is carried out to ensure there is no abnormality. Afterwards the Intragastric Balloon is placed in the stomach and filled with a sterile saline solution (mixed with methylene blue) The Intragastric Balloon can be inflated up to a volume between 400 and 700 ml. This is decided during insertion depending on how overweight the patient is and the size of the stomach.

There are 3 type of gastric balloon procedure that are done endoscopically:


Two types — 6 months or one year


One-year– Adjustable balloon – you can increase or decrease size of balloon but endoscopically

Balloon placement by  swallowable  Capsule – Elipse Balloon

Elipse Gastric Balloon for Quick Weight Loss

The Elipse Balloon Procedure is a non-invasive procedure for weight loss in which a swallowable gastric balloon is used without the use of endoscopic instruments and sedation. This is placed by swallowing capsule (by you) under X-ray without endoscopy. its life span is about 4 months.


*No endoscopy /No hospitalization

**No need to remove balloon as its valve automatically opens after 4 months & then this collapsed balloon is so thin that it passes out naturally.

Why Dr. Girish Juneja?

  • He’s an Industry veteran helping patients fighting obesity for the last 2 decades (he is one of the founding members of emirates obesity society) well-experienced surgeon, who has done hundreds of weight loss procedures including gastric balloon  in UAE on local & international patients, so you can count for best results & safety
  • Enabling virtual follow up for continued success of the procedure when patients cannot visit the clinic in person- best weight loss clinic Dubai.
  • First surgeon to have received surgeon of excellence for bariatric surgery-weight loss  (by world body – the international federation for the surgery of obesity & metabolic disorders) in Dubai, UAE 2017
  • A first surgeon from UAE to be part of a multi-centric study
    ( international ) & have published three academic papers (2019/2020) on Gastric balloon from UAE, in reputed obesity journal.


 Check what all is included and not included in the package.

Package includes

  • Pre-Operative consultation, relevant blood investigations(if needed)
  • Fees of the surgeon& hospital.
  • Medication used during and post procedure but not home medications.
  • Routine laboratory testing.
  • Routine Medical consumables & Implants
  • Regular periodic follow up by dietician & surgeon for duration of balloon chosen.

Package excludes

  • Any type of therapy, investigation or procedures apart from the above mentioned will be charged separately.
  • After Discharge medication will be charged separately.

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