Obesity is a thriving issue affecting around 13% of the entire population. While Obesity in itself maybe not life-threatening, but it does bring lifestyle-related diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, Diabetes, and many more. Apart from these, an over-weight person suffers from social stigma and poor self-image which hinders a person’s progress. We at Weight Loss clinic Dubai understand the repercussions of being overweight and bring to you a wide range of weight loss gastric balloon and bariatric procedures

Why Dr. Girish Juneja?

  •  He’s an well-experienced surgeon, who has done hundreds of weight loss procedures primary & revisional bariatric surgeries  so you can count for best results & safety oh him & his Multidisciplinary team.He has received surgeon of excellence for bariatric surgery-weight loss  (by world body – the international federation for the surgery of obesity & metabolic disorders) in Dubai, UAE 2017



Revisional Weight loss surgery is a procedure performed on patients who have undergone bariatric surgery before, but have developed some form of complications, or have not achieved significant weight loss.

In order to reduce the complications and restore hope in the life of patients, revision in the procedure performed needs to be done. For instance, individuals who have undergone a bariatric procedure such as a gastric band surgery or a gastric bypass surgery but have experienced significant weight gain post hitting low weight, or have not experienced weight loss as desired, need to change the plan of action for weightloss. In order to realize their plan, a revisional weight loss surgery is performed.

It can be after failed Lap band, after failed sleeve or bypass surgery

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Whenever complications arise that require removal of lap band or when weight loss is not successful, a revisional lap band surgery is recommended. The revisional surgery is a one or 2-step procedure in which the existing band is removed, and a new procedure is then carried.
In the Lap Band revision surgery, there are 3 options available that include

  1. Re banding
  2. Conversion to Gastric sleeve
  3. Conversion to Gastric Bypass

Depending on the feasible option that will help to achieve the desired weight loss, an appropriate measure is taken.


If you’re re-gaining weight after your sleeve surgery, it may be due to your dietary habits or lack of exercise or due to sleeve dilatation. In case of dilatation, there are 2 options to revise your existing sleeve in order to bring you weight back to normal.

  1. Re-sleeve – In this procedure, the dilated part of sleeve is excised and that brings your sleeve back to original shape.
  2. Sleeve conversion to mini gastric bypass – results of this conversion are the best.


This surgery is required whenever the patient who has undergone a gastric bypass surgery in the past experiences weight gain after reaching low weight state. For such individuals, we identify the reason for the failure of the surgery, and accordingly suggest revisional measures that will help to achieve the desired weight loss.

Before opting for the Gastric Bypass Revision surgery, the need for revision is checked. This includes

  1. Checking the impact of diet and exercising
  2. Checking the stretching of the stomach pouch
  3. Checking the stoma size
  4. Checking the causes of weight regain.

Only after the analysis, any of the following 6 revision methods are carried. They include:

  1. Transoral Outlet Reduction
  2. Sclerotherapy for shrinking stroma
  3. Addition of Minimizer Ring
  4. Increasing the length of Roux Limb
  5. Conversion to Duodenal Switch
  6. Candy Cane Syndrome

Based on the feasibility and need, any of the above option is chosen.



No matter which bariatric procedure you may have tried to achieve weight loss, or whichever surgeon you have worked with, we at Weight Loss Clinic will help you understand the revision surgery options available and present you with the best treatment for achieving the weight loss target.

Any individual who has undergone a bariatric procedure before and has suffered from weight regain or any other medical complications linked to the procedure, may opt for the Revision Surgery.

Before opting for the surgery, we will ensure to check whether there are other options available to achieve the targeted weight loss before narrowing down on the revisional option.


Before you go for the revision surgery, we would need to know the following details

  1. When was the initial operation was performed?
  2. Where did the initial operation take place?
  3. At what stage was the surgeon in his career?
  4. What were the postoperative instructions given after the initial surgery?
  5. Were the postoperative instructions followed?
  6. Complete weight loss history following surgery.
  7. Were there any complications that may have occurred after the first procedure?

Post the revision surgery, you will surely get the desired results. However, care needs to be taken as specified by the Bariatric surgeon for speedy recovery and results.




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