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Premium gastric sleeve available first time in UAE

New way of gastric sleeve (banded) surgery which makes chances of weight regain in future minimal.


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The Gastric Sleeve Surgery (laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy) is a weight loss procedure that makes & modifies your stomach to smaller size by removing about 2/ 3 of your stomach surgically. It has shown to have better weight loss than the Lap Band procedure & nearly same like gastric bypass but without malabsorption which can cause deficiencies in body in future. It is known to be the most commonly performed bariatric procedure for weight loss in Dubai & worldwide as per best bariatric surgeons. Dr. Girish Juneja has been one of the experts in laparoscopic techniques of performing the Sleeve Gastrectomy, having done them laparoscopically since many years, and continues to be involved with teaching the technique of this surgery to other young surgeons.

DR. Girish Juneja – Best Weight-loss/ Laparoscopic surgeon in Dubai

Time tested surgeon having more than 20 yrs experience in Dubai & Abu dhabi
(laparoscopic/ Weight Loss). Currently he is director of bariatric & laparoscopic services in Al Zahra hospital, Dubai. Prior to this, he has been heading the surgery department in other Reputed hospitals in Dubai & Abu dhabi.
Also, he has been heading the department of surgery in other reputed hospitals in the UAE and is a Certified Surgeon of Excellence for bariatric and metabolic surgery by IFSO (EAC-BS).
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