Benefits of Revisional Weight Loss Surgery: Why It's Worth Considering

Revisional Weight Loss Surgery

Revisional weight loss surgery is performed on individuals who have undergone prior bariatric procedures like a gastric band surgery or a gastric bypass but faced complications or did not achieve the desired weight loss.

 This secondary surgery aims to reduce complications and restore hope for patients facing challenges like significant weight gain or insufficient weight loss post-initial surgery. Whether adjusting a gastric band or revising a gastric bypass, the goal is to provide an alternative plan for effective weight loss and improve overall outcomes for individuals who have not succeeded with their initial bariatric operation.

Types of Weight Loss Revision Surgeries –

Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery

Gastric bypass revision surgery is undertaken for individuals who still need to meet their weight loss goals following previous gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, or lap band surgeries. This secondary procedure is necessary when patients experience weight gain after reaching a low-weight state post-gastric bypass. The revision aims to identify the reasons for the surgery’s failure and suggests measures to achieve the desired weight loss. 

Lap Band Revision Surgery

Lap band revision surgery becomes necessary when complications arise or weight loss is unsuccessful after laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (lap band surgery). This secondary procedure involves removing the existing lap band and implementing one of four options: rebinding, conversion to gastric sleeve, conversion to gastric bypass, or conversion to duodenal switch. 

Revision Surgery for Sleeve

If weight regain occurs after sleeve surgery, potential reasons include dietary habits, lack of exercise, or sleeve dilatation. For dilatation, two revision options are available:

Re-sleeve: In this procedure, the dilated part of the sleeve is removed, restoring it to its original shape.

Sleeve conversion to mini-gastric bypass: This conversion is considered effective in achieving optimal results.

Re-sleeve is a revisional surgery for individuals who experienced insufficient weight loss, weight regain, or complications post-sleeve gastrectomy.

Revision Weight Loss Surgery Benefits –

Patients should consider the following benefits of Revision Weight Loss Surgery:

  • Achieve anticipated weight loss after unsuccessful initial surgery
  • Resolve complications from initial surgery (ulcers, scar tissues, nutrient absorption)
  • Comprehensive solution for obesity-related health conditions
  • Promotes significant weight loss and improves overall health
  • Benefits for insulin sensitivity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea
  • Improves non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, alleviates joint pain, and positively impacts lipid profiles.

Who Can Opt For Revision Surgery?

Revision surgery is a viable option for individuals in the following situations:

  • If the initial bariatric surgery was performed correctly, it helps the achievement of expected weight loss results.
  • For individuals who have gained weight since their last bariatric surgery and need to lose the excess weight again.

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